electriQ 12 Litre Dehumidifier

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Experience Total Comfort with the electriQ 12 Litre Dehumidifier: Energy-Efficient, Air-Purifying, and Easy to Use!
Transform Your Living Space
Experience Total Comfort with the electriQ 12 Litre Dehumidifier. Ideal for medium rooms and up to 3-bedroom houses. Boasting 30% more energy efficiency compared to standard dehumidifiers, this cost-effective solution runs at just 2.3p per hour (based on 12.5kWh) while effortlessly filtering up to 125m3 of air every hour.
Say Goodbye to Damp and Moisture
Say goodbye to damp, mould, and excess moisture, as this powerhouse extracts up to 12 litres of water per day. Enjoy the convenience of continuous drainage with the included hose, or use the antibacterial water tank for hassle-free moisture collection.
Whisper-Quiet Operation
This dehumidifier operates at a whisper-quiet 37dB, allowing you to sleep soundly at night. Plus, its built-in digital humidistat and 24-hour timer ensure consistent humidity levels for your comfort.
Enhance Your Indoor Air Quality
Enhance your indoor air quality with the active carbon filter and the option to add a HEPA filter, effectively trapping dust, pollen, and airborne impurities. Protect your home and health with electriQ's exceptional dehumidifier!

Key Features:

  • Digital Humidistat: Easily adjust humidity levels from 35% to 80%.
  • 2.5-Litre Water Tank: An antibacterial reservoir that automatically shuts off when full.
  • Active Carbon Filter: Eliminates mould and mildew odors.
  • Space for a HEPA Filter: Traps dust mites, pollen, and airborne particles with 99.97% efficiency.
  • Dry Laundry Indoors: Dries clothes more efficiently than a tumble dryer.
  • Cost-Effective: Operates at just 2.3p per hour.
  • Energy Efficient: 30% more energy-efficient than standard dehumidifiers.
  • User-Friendly: Control with six simple buttons and a display indicating humidity levels.

Upgrade Your Living Environment Upgrade your living environment with electriQ's 12 Litre Dehumidifier. Discover a healthier, more comfortable space today!